February 8, 2013

Newsletter – February 2012

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Happy February!   The month that features groundhogs, presidents and cupid; the month that brings with it hints of spring, blooming azaleas in Florida and oak pollen allergies is a great time of the year to give the loving gift of good health to yourself!  In this newsletter:
  • Update on Clean Start 2013
  • Plan Ahead for Clean Start 2014
  • Thai Herbal Compress Massage – back by popular demand
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates
  • Injury of the Month – Elbow tendinitis

Clean Program Update

We completed the 21 day Clean Start 2013 cleanse program at the end of January.  Congratulations to all who made it through and picked up some new habits, learned some new information or got to know their own bodies better!
My personal results from 21 days on the Clean Program include:
  • Dramatic reduction in seasonal allergy symptoms – I’ve found when I don’t eat wheat, dairy or processed foods, I have very few allergy symptoms.
  • Improved and increased sleep – when I eat ‘clean’, sleeping a solid 7-8 hours most nights is easy
  • Increased energy throughout the day – as long as I eat enough protein, I’m able to easily work 10-12 hours without getting tired
  • Lost some weight – I don’t weigh myself, but I’ve lost about 1 clothing size since Christmas
  • After going through the intense days of physical purging, now when I eat ‘clean’ I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life; no exaggeration.
  • Elimination Challenge – I’ve now moved into the phase of testing all the potential ‘problem’ food groups in my body to finally learn exactly which foods irritate my body
Here’s a blog post about the end of the program:
Even if you didn’t start with us at the beginning of the year, I’d highly recommend the program to anyone at anytime.  Simply buy the book, Clean and start on the program.  If you’d like some motivation and support, we still have our facebook group going, it looks like there’s a new Sugar Detox Challenge starting in February.
Our blog will continue to be available at:
I’m planning on doing the 21 Day Clean Program again around mid-year, and….

Save the dates – Clean Start 2014 retreat next year

Jump start 2014 with a 4 day Clean Retreat.  Save the dates 1/2 thru 1/6; this 4 day retreat will get you New Year’s New Eating program started right. We’ll feature morning juice & smoothies, shopping for and cooking Clean meals, yoga, massage, meditation and exercise.  More details unfolding, but mark your calendars now!
Oh, yeah; I should mention something about massage in here…..
Thai Herbal Compress Massage
If you’ve never had an Herbal Compress Massage, now is the time to try one!  I’m again featuring this service in February because so many clients had such terrific experiences trying the Herbal Compress session last month.   Here’s a bit more info:
Offered as either a 90 minute or 120 minute session, the Herbal Compress Massage is the perfect type of session if you’ve been sick, you’ve been stressed or you just need some TLC.  Schedule yours now before the outside temperatures heat up!
Makes a great Valentine’s Gift – buy a Gift Certificate for someone you love!
Valentine’s Day 
There’s still time to give your love the sweetest gift of all – massage!  Buy a 75, 90 or 120 minute session on a gift certificate.  Hit reply to this email and I’ll drop it in the mail today!
(and if you don’t have a special someone this year – you definitely should buy yourself an extra massage or two!)
Blog – Elbow Tendinitis?
I don’t know what it is about January; maybe more people working out because of New Year’s Resolutions, maybe the cooler weather; but regardless of the reason, the most common injury clients have been complaining about this last month is elbow tendinitis.  Here’s a quick exercise anyone can do nearly anywhere to find immediate relief from the symptoms of elbow tenditis:
Isolated eccentric stretching is the perfect solution for so many joint and muscle pains.
In Closing
What I most enjoy about the work I do is being able to witness so many incredible transformations happening in all of you.  I have clients who are healing themselves from long-term chronic disease, successfully rehabbing from new and old injuries, managing chronic illnesses with massage, regaining good health after suffering undetected illnesses for years; and it is so incredibly inspiring to watch people heal.  It is a profound honor to witness all of your transformations; that’s the humbling part of this work and what keeps me committed.   Thank you all for sharing your journeys with me!

Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and General Health Zealot.  Contact her directly to schedule a session:  727-641-6941 or www.TryThaiYogaMassage.com


August 20, 2010

Try Thai Yoga Massage – August 2010 News

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August 2010 Try Thai Yoga Massage News and Updates – You Deserve to Feel Better Now!
(learn more about Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, my services, etc. at www.TryThaiYogaMassage.com)
August’s News finds us all preparing for back-to-school time, can fall be far away?  I hope everyone had a great summer;  I’m newly back from a week of vacation in beautiful Colorado. After two big family gatherings, lots of great times with friends, many chile rellenos and Fat Tire’s consumed in the thin, invigorating, mountain air; plus three amazing massages – I’m rested up and ready to go!
(And yes, I am happily seeing clients Labor Day weekend, contact me now to get on the schedule for sometime that weekend!)
1.    Why I am (still) in love with Thai Yoga Massage
2.    Is Your Session the right length? The right type?
3.    NEW – Reiki Master Training Program
4.    Latest from my blogs
5.    Trying to Make It Easy!
6.    Thank you, thank you, thank you
During my week in Colorado, I treated myself to two Thai Yoga Massages.  And I remembered exactly why it was that I fell in love with this form of massage/bodywork years ago.  I never feel healthier overall (stretched, massaged, relaxed, alert, peaceful, balanced and strong) – yes, NEVER  feel better overall – than right after receiving Thai Yoga Massage.  I do this work not because it is just a job, or because massage is good, or even because it is my calling; I do this work because I so completely believe in the benefits of it.  I know how healthy and vibrant I feel after receiving a Thai Yoga Massage, and it is my hope that you all leave each session feeling just as good.  If you haven’t yet seen me for Thai Yoga Massage, reply to this email and schedule a session now; you owe it to yourself to try at least one session.
(for my friends and family in Colorado, I can whole-heartedly recommend going to see Kim Costantine of Thai Works Denver for a Thai Massage. (www.thaiworksdenver.com) )
Over the last 6 months, many clients have extended the length of their sessions with me.  Some have creatively added a 30 minute reiki session to the end of a Thai Yoga Massage.  Others have added some time for table massage before a Thai Yoga Massage, one client does an hour of deep tissue table massage followed by an hour of restorative yoga/reiki on the props.  You can completely customize your own session with me.  Most clients choose to stay for 90 minute sessions, but more and more are opting for the 2 hour session.  We can do table massage or mat massage; thai yoga massage or shiatsu; reiki or restorative yoga; yoga therapy or couples partner yoga.  Call or email me with questions, and we can create a completely unique session for you!
Since I work with most of you for the long-term, seeing you weekly, bi-monthly or monthly; I’m privileged to witness your changes, growth, progress and evolution.  Let’s figure out together how to best customize your massage/yoga/reiki sessions to grow with you and evolve with your needs.
By popular demand, I’ve finally created a Reiki Master Training Program. (a big THANK YOU to those of you who’ve nagged me relentlessly to get this program formalized!) This program is designed specifically for the person who wants to do his/her reiki training and attuning individually.  You’ll work with me one-on-one through 3 attunements and at least 6 individual training sessions so that you’re comfortable and confident doing reiki sessions with individuals and groups.  It is a completely self-paced program, so you can complete it in a few months or longer, if you desire.  Here’s a link to my blog post describing the program in more detail:  http://smasolutions.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/5-keys-to-entrepreneurial-success-in-the-new-economy/
Please call or email if you’d like more details about the program.
Try Thai Yoga Massage – Health & Wellness Blog
Stop Tension Headaches in their Tracks:  https://trythaiyogamassage.wordpress.com/2010/08/
Entrepreneurial Excellence for the New Economy – business blog
5 Keys for Entrepreneurial Success in 2010:  https://trythaiyogamassage.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/reiki-master-training-program/
In addition to the feelings, thoughts and sensations of ease created during your session; I want to make doing business with me as easy as possible.  A few tidbits or reminders that may make working with me just a bit easier for you:
* Yes, I take credit cards!  I bill online via paypal, you can pay with your credit card online after you get home.
* Yes, you can have a standing appointment – pick the same time every week, two weeks, month, etc. and we’ll just reserve that time for you so you don’t even have to think about rescheduling.
* Yes, you can change clothes here; recharge your phone here; bring your partner, friend or spouse to hang out during your session. 
Yes, you can bring your own iPod and we’ll listen to your music choice during your session. 
* Yes, I make Gift Certificates Easy!  Always available here to pick up after your session or I’m happy to mail the certificate directly to your recipient and email you a bill to pay with a credit card: easy, easy, easy!
And if you think of anything I can do to make working with me easier, please let me know.  My goal is always to have your entire experience with me be the best (and easiest) part of your week or month!
Thank You – for over 3 years now, I’ve built my business from your loyalty and referrals. Please forward this newsletter to anyone you know who’d benefit from thai yoga massage or working with me in the many modalities I offer. And if you hear of anyone inquiring about reiki or reiki training, please send them my way, thanks!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Suzanne Andrew, FLLMT51338