December 10, 2012

How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

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Want to stay healthy this holiday season?  Boost your lymph system!

So often the holiday season seems to mean not just parties, gifts and family time; but also colds, flu, coughing and aching.  With all the stress, lack of sleep, extra travel, time away from health routines and more time in close quarters with other people; the holidays too often mean the annual colds and flus make the rounds through our homes.  This year arm your lymph system to fight off any potential invaders!

Our lymph systems run our immune systems; in order to maximize good health, our lymph system needs to be working optimally.  A healthy lymph system is vibrantly circulating, gathering up waste materials including germs, and flushing them out of our bodies before we become ill.  They lymph system is a circulatory system, just like the blood; but unlike the blood which is pumped by the heart, the lymph circulation system lacks a main pump.  To keep our lymph systems flowing and eliminating, cleansing and detoxifying; we need to pump lymph through our bodies.  We do this either through exercise or movement.


For optimizing your lymph system, move it daily.  A simple, easy way to move your lymph is by dry brushing the body. Do this every morning right before you shower. Using either a soft bristle brush or exfoliating gloves; gently sweep across all the skin of your body in strokes moving towards your heart.

  • Sweep each section of the body about 10 times gently, begin with the feet
  • Then sweep up along the lower legs and upper legs
  • Sweep around your hips and belly towards your heart
  • Next start at each hand and sweep up the arms to your shoulders
  • Sweep down the neck and upper chest, along the upper back; steadily moving towards your heart.

That’s it!  In less than 60 seconds, you’ve given your lymph system a workout. Be sure to drink several extra glasses of water to help move toxins and waste out of your body.

Immediately you’ll probably feel a sense of complete, vibrant invigoration. The shower will wash away dead skin cells, and you may notice an immediate improvement in your feeling of wellbeing.

Add this easy 60 second daily routine and help your immune system ward off the illnesses coming your way this holiday season.  (and don’t forget to take your daily probiotic….but that’s a different post)


Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and General Health Zealot.  Contact her directly to schedule a session:  727-641-6941 or


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